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Unknown Case Moths, Bag Moths

Family Psychidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Unknown Case Moths and Bag Moths in family Psychidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. The Case Moths listed below are yet to be identified. Please advise if you identify any of them.. 

Log Cabin Case Moth
SCN_0020b.jpg (234217 bytes) DSC_6603.jpg (75201 bytes) 
? sp.
Margaret Owen in Western Australia send us the about picture. We have never seen this case moth in Brisbane. On Aug 2007 we found a mini version of the bag in Karawatha Forest. It was less than 10mm in length, which also found on gum leaf. Please also check this page for details.
Messy-sticks Case Moth
wpe1C.jpg (65244 bytes) DSC_4043.jpg (264306 bytes) 
? Lomera sp., bag length 40mm
The Case Moth makes case attached with messy twigs. We do not know much about this Case Moth, though we do have many photos in this page.
Wattle Case Moth 
wpe1D.jpg (24759 bytes) wpeC.jpg (27586 bytes)
? sp., Bag length 30mm
We always found this Case Moth feeding on Acacia leaves. Please check this page for more pictures and photos.
She-oak Case Moth
PWC_8734.jpg (157824 bytes) PWC_8735.jpg (179755 bytes)
Case length 20mm
Please check this page for more infromation about this Case Moth. 
Those bag moths are yet to be identified. Please advise if you know any of them..

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