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Ribbed Case Moth - Hyalarcta nigrescens

Family Psychidae

This page contains information and pictures about Ribbed Case Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Case length 50mm                                                                                      
Ribbed Case Moth feeds on Gum tree leaves Eucalyptus sp. 
DSCN1583.JPG (52610 bytes) wpe1.jpg (29239 bytes) DSC_1959.jpg (220705 bytes)
The bag was usually found hanging from gum tree leaf or twig. Unlike other species in this Case Moth family, this bag moth caterpillars make their case with silk only, without any plant materials attached. They made bag with seven prominent longitudinal ribs.
DSCN1909 (2).jpg (232626 bytes) DSCN1907.jpg (189481 bytes)
The female adult is wingless and never leave her case. The male is black in colour with transparent wings and light brown antenna. 
DSC_7586.jpg (254748 bytes)
A small Ribbed Case Moth 

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