Brown Braconid Wasp
Dull Black Braconid Wasp


Family Microgastrinae - Braconid Wasps

Order Hymenoptera, Family Braconidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Braconid Wasps in subfamily Microgastrinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Braconid Wasps in subfamily Microgastrinae are dark brown to black in colours. They are small in size. They are the parasitoids of moth caterpillars. 
They can be distinguished by the following characteristics; 
- Antennae are 16-seggmrnted,

Dull Black Braconid Wasp
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? Apanteles sp, body length 10mm
DSC_7984.jpg (392166 bytes) DSC_7985.jpg (366396 bytes)
1. Apanteles subandinus - Australian Insect Common Names, CSIRO 2005.
Unknown Braconid Wasp 3
DSC_4144.jpg (315602 bytes) 
? sp., Microgastrinae, body length 5mm 

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