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Band-winged Orange Braconid Wasp - Disophrys sp.


This page contains pictures and information about Band-winged Orange Braconid Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm
This wasp is orange in colour with black head and black antenna. Its legs are orange. Its wings are also tinted with orange with black bands.

Attack Moth Caterpillars

DSC_8995.jpg (66436 bytes) DSC_8996.jpg (61393 bytes) DSC_8997.jpg (59233 bytes)
In early summer Oct 2007 along Bulimba Creek in Wishart, on a small plant (Hovea sp.) we saw five to six Band-winged Orange Braconid Wasps flying up and down. Came closer to the plant, we saw the whole small plant was infected by many caterpillars (Tree Lucerne Moth caterpillars). Those wasps were trying to lay eggs on those caterpillars. 
DSC_9000.jpg (87322 bytes) DSC_8990.jpg (307396 bytes)
All caterpillars on the plant, included the large and small ones, were loosely surrounded themselves by silks as a kind of protection. Those silk may hinder some wasps from moving closer to them. But the wasps moved carefully and seems they had attacked most of the caterpillars. 
DSC_8996.jpg (224715 bytes) DSC_8993.jpg (230093 bytes) DSC_8995.jpg (286471 bytes)
DSC_2100.jpg (366107 bytes) DSC_2101.jpg (269711 bytes) DSC_2099.jpg (308827 bytes)
DSC_2098.jpg (131395 bytes) 
This wasp seems mimicking the Coreid Bugs

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