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Yellow Flank Braconid Wasp - Chaoilta hollowayi 


This page contains pictures and information about Yellow Flank Braconid Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length  15mm                         
We saw this wasp a few times in Karawatha Forest during early to late summer.  
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The wasp in the photos is female for she has the typical long ovipositor of a female Braconid wasp. The wasp has black body with yellow flank and yellow-banded abdomen. Its wings are tinted with half orange and half dark brown, Its head is orange in colour with black antenna. All its legs are black. 
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When we took those pictures the wasp was checking a pupa on tree trunk. This wasp just kept on what it was doing and ignored our approaching.  
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The genus Chaoilta is believed the parasitises of Jewel Beetle larvae which live under bark. 
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Please check the Braconid Wasps main page for more general information about this wasp. 

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