This page contains pictures and information about Lynx Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Lynx Spiders have good vision although their eyes are relatively small. They have eight eyes, in the pattern four rows of two. They are from small to medium in size. They have a long body and long thin legs. Legs are covered with long spines. 
Lynx Spiders can be found in trees or on grasses, usually on the top of the plants. They are active in day time for hunting small insects. They hunt in the ways like a cat, i.e., slowly approach the prey and suddenly jump to it. So the spiders have their name Lynx. Lynx Spiders are active during the day,
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Eyes in four rows of two  

Common Lynx Spider
wpeC.jpg (39665 bytes)  wpe8.jpg (20937 bytes)
Oxyopes quadrifasciatus, leg to leg 20mm, female                    Male 
Lynx Spiders are long legs spiders,  small in size. The spiders are common in Brisbane garden. They do not build web but hunt small insects on plants. We have more information and pictures in this page.
Elegant Lynx Spider
DSC_8471.jpg (112894 bytes)  DSC_8401.jpg (87915 bytes)
Oxyopes elegans, leg to leg 20mm
Elegant Lynx Spiders are small in size, long legs spiders with medium size abdomen. This spider is not as common as the Common Lynx Spider above in Brisbane garden. They are pale brown in colour and larger in size. Please click on here for more pictures and information.
Yellow Lynx Spider
DSC_8905.jpg (64273 bytes)  DSC_8907.jpg (102439 bytes)
Oxyopes variabilis, leg to leg 20mm
Pictures were taken on 21 Oct 2007. Check this page for more infromation.
Red Lynx Spider
DSC_0620.jpg (135797 bytes)  DSC_0631.jpg (110306 bytes)
Oxyopes rubicundus, female body length 10mm, male 8mm
We found this spider when it was hanging in mid- air and holding a jewel beetle as prey. The spider has a dark pattern on its creamy pale brown abdomen. There is the dark red pattern on each side. Please check this page for more information about this spider.  

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