Pink lower Spider - Diaea evanida


This page contains pictures and information about Pink Flower Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Leg to leg 20mm
This is the mostly seen species in Flower Spider family. Their abdomen is pink on white and yellow in colours, oval shaped and slightly flattened, well camouflaged when it sits on flower. The thorax and all legs are pale green in colour. 
DSC_0016.jpg (175457 bytes) DSC_0006.jpg (165216 bytes) DSC_0011.jpg (151113 bytes)
The Flower Spider hides on flower or branch, front four legs ready to seize a visiting insect. The above pictures show the Flower Spider just caught a Mutillidae Wasp.
wpe6.jpg (36161 bytes)  wpe9.jpg (19785 bytes)
Guarding her egg-sac                                                  Wait and stealth on flower .........                          Captured a bug.
Female Pink Flower Spider usually makes egg-sac on the underside pf a leaf. All spiders show in this page are female. Male is smaller and look quite different. We did not take any male photo yet. 
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A moth just escaped                                             Captured a small beetle.                                       Captured a earwig.
wpe6.jpg (18721 bytes) wpe8.jpg (35302 bytes) PWC_6737.jpg (123772 bytes)
Captured a bug.                                                    Feeding........
On their abdomen, there are the red-pink markings. Those markings are variable between individuals. There like to hide on top parts of short plants waiting for prey, usually insects of about the same size. 
wpe9.jpg (19785 bytes) wpeB.jpg (20101 bytes) DSC_0594.jpg (146852 bytes)
This spider is common in backyards and gardens. We found them all year round in our backyard even in the cool winter in Brisbane.
DSC_6577.jpg (88283 bytes) DSC_6598.jpg (89570 bytes) PC9_2252.jpg (114167 bytes)
The last picture shows the Flower Spider found walking on the ceiling in our house. It seems no problem in walking upside down hanging from the ceiling. 

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