Knobbly Crab Spider - Stephanopis altifrons


This page contains pictures and information about Knobbly Crab Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Leg to leg 30mm 
If you think you are looking at the bark of a gum tree trunk and do not see anything else, please check carefully again. You should see a spider which occupy about half of the above picture. This spider is not easily be noticed if it were resting on bark. 
wpe19.jpg (24048 bytes) wpe17.jpg (22718 bytes) DSCN2979.jpg (98298 bytes)
We found it when it was guarding its egg-sac on leaf.  This spider is slow moving.  The first time we found this spider was in Karawatha Forest. The spider builds small retreat by folding the tip of leaf binding with silk.  
DSC_0474.jpg (95981 bytes) DSC_0480.jpg (77155 bytes)
We found this spider again in Sunnybank near Bulimba Creek. 
DSC_0481.jpg (113889 bytes) DSC_0476.jpg (111441 bytes)
Both two times we found the spiders when they were resting on its nest/egg sac built by curled fresh leaf and silks. Both spiders did not move even a small bit even with our interrupts.
PC9_1361.jpg (219792 bytes) PC9_1366.jpg (156425 bytes)
Finally, the third time we found the spider on tree trunk. It was very well camouflaged and almost invisible. So that we can make a conclusion that the spider's camouflage is mainly for hunting as predator, to avoid being seen by preys. The camouflage is not importance for the spider as prey. There are not many predators which detect this spider visually.  

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