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Silver Wattle Leaf Beetle - Calomela ioptera


This page contains information and pictures about Silver Wattle Leaf Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 10mm
Near the hill top of Anstead Forest Reserve, there were many Queensland Sliver Wattle trees (Acacia podalyriifolia). On each tree, we easily found one or two Silver Wattle Leaf Beetles. They were either feeding, resting or wandering around. We found one was laying eggs. Those Leaf Beetles did not make noticeable damages to the trees. It was March 2009.
PC9_0526.jpg (131798 bytes) PC9_0519.jpg (158080 bytes) PC9_0507.jpg (127753 bytes)
Silver Wattle Leaf Beetle has the standard body shape of Calomela sp.. The head and thorax are orange brown in colour with black eyes and black antenna. The legs are orange brown too. The wing covers are orange brown covered with lines of metallic green-blue dots. The green-blue colours are slightly different between individuals. 
PC9_0504.jpg (131761 bytes) PC9_0503.jpg (157277 bytes) PC9_0534.jpg (130700 bytes)
This leaf beetle seem like to feed only the surface white waxy layer on the leaves, although we also found bite marks on other leaves. 
PC9_0510.jpg (101315 bytes) PC9_0513.jpg (84292 bytes) PC9_0514.jpg (90849 bytes)
Like most other leaf beetles, this Silver Wattle Leaf Beetles also apply the drop and play dead escape method. When disturbed, the beetle dropped onto ground and play dead. We put it on our hand, the beetle started walking around after half a minute. 
PC9_0583.jpg (135523 bytes) PC9_0496.jpg (87110 bytes)

The Host Plant

Queensland Silver Wattle
PC9_0481.jpg (158323 bytes) PC9_0590.jpg (102020 bytes) P1010840.jpg (256591 bytes)
The host plant -  Acacia podalyriifolia 

Laying Eggs

PC9_0525.jpg (91256 bytes) PC9_0523.jpg (126987 bytes) PC9_0517.jpg (133784 bytes)
On March, we found the beetle laying eggs on leaf. The eggs are creamy yellow, about 2mm long.

The Larvae

PC9_0561.jpg (105947 bytes) PC9_0558.jpg (140481 bytes) PC9_0662.jpg (98296 bytes)
Body length 6mm                                                                                                                              
Different stages of Larvae and adults can be found on the same host plant. The Larvae are pale green in colour, well camouflaged among the host plants. 
PC9_0645.jpg (135092 bytes)
A young larva attacked by a jumping spider

Thank to Chris Reid for the identification of this leaf beetle.
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