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Paropsine Leaf beetles  - Genus Paropsis

Subfamily Chrysomelinae, FAMILY CHRYSOMELIDAE 

This page contains pictures and information about Paropsine Leaf beetles of Genus Paropsis that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Female lay eggs
Paropsis species vary in size and colour, many are brightly coloured, with intricate patterns on the wing covers. They are medium size, around 10mm in body length. Most of them, both adults and larvae, feed on Myrtaceae, mostly on Gum tree (Eucalyptus), also on Red Ash (Angophora), Tea tree (Leptospermum), Box tree (Lophostemon) and Paper Back (Melaleuca). They are often called the Eucalypt Tortoise Beetles. Some species are considered as pests in eucalypt plantations.
DSC_8918.jpg (355462 bytes) DSC_8919.jpg (359234 bytes)
Empty egg-case of some Paropsis sp.   
Paropsis females lay eggs in clusters of different shape depend on species. Larvae are in the shape of caterpillar, grow up to 10-15mm.
Variole Paropsine Beetle
wpe10.jpg (30772 bytes) wpe1A.jpg (22214 bytes) DSC_1879.jpg (95709 bytes)
Paropsis variolosa, body length 12mm
Those beetle adults and larvae feed on Eucalyptus tree leaves. They are beautiful brown colour with yellow dots, round convex in shape. We found them easily in bush on the young Eucalyptus tree. Usually they hide under the leaves. More information and pictures can be find in here.
Spotted Paropsine Beetle
wpeA.jpg (30222 bytes) DSC_8438.jpg (293959 bytes) DSC_1007.jpg (258550 bytes)
Paropsis maculata, body length adult 8mm, larva 6mm
This Leaf Beetle are commonly found on young Eucalyptus trees in Brisbane forests, from late spring to summer. They have golden yellow patterns on brown colour. More information and pictures can be find in here.
Dotted Paropsine Beetle
wpe7.jpg (23427 bytes) wpe1.jpg (36799 bytes) DSC_1593.jpg (250305 bytes)
Paropsis atomaria, body length 10mm 
We sometimes saw this beetle on gum leaf in Karawatha Forest during mid summer. More pictures and information please visit this page.
Dotted-lines Paropsine Beetle
wpe1B.jpg (27635 bytes) wpeE.jpg (36127 bytes)
Paropsis ornata, body length 10mm 
We found this Leaf Beetle twice, one on Acacia and the other on Eucalyptus. The beetles were shiny bright, golden brown with dotted creamy-white lines on the back. Please click on here for more information.
Red-blue Banded Leaf Beetle
DSC_0296.jpg (96656 bytes) DSC_1070.jpg (109161 bytes)
Paropsis obsoleta, body length 10mm 
We found this leaf beetle in Karawatha Forest a few times during mid summer Nov-Dec 2007. We have more pictures and information in this page.
Tea Tree Leaf Beetle
DSC_6726.jpg (157731 bytes) DSC_6731.jpg (278321 bytes)
Paropsis pictipennis (Procrisina pictipennis), body length 10mm 
We found this leaf beetle hiding on Tea Tree on Sep 2010 in Karawatha Forest near the Lagoon. Please check this page for more infromation. 

Those Leaf Beetle larvae are quite commonly found but still we do not know what are the adults look like. 
Unknown Leaf Beetle Larvae 1
DSC_1506.jpg (268319 bytes) DSCN6226.jpg (234772 bytes) DSC_1003.jpg (311447 bytes)
? sp, body length 12mm 
DSCN1225.jpg (112951 bytes) DSCN1226.jpg (248374 bytes) DSC_1507.jpg (367583 bytes) 
DSC_4870.jpg (247199 bytes) DSC_8748.jpg (273881 bytes) DSC_8750.jpg (261141 bytes)
DSCN6224.jpg (229821 bytes)
Unknown Leaf Beetle Larvae 2
PWC_8684.jpg (132673 bytes) PWC_8687.jpg (155511 bytes)
? sp, body length 12mm  
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