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Eight-spotted Leaf Beetle - Paropsisterna sexpustulata 

Subfamily Chrysomelinae, FAMILY CHRYSOMELIDAE 

This page contains pictures and information about Eight Spotted Leaf beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 12mm
We found this Eucalyptus Leaf Beetle on a She-oak tree (Allocasuarina sp.) in late summer, near Bulimba Creek in Wishart Outlook Bushland. The beetle is dark brown in colour with three bright orange spots on each wing covers and two on thorax. 
wpe8.jpg (35867 bytes) wpe4.jpg (15444 bytes)
A year later in mid summer, we found another one (second picture) on a gum leaf. It dropped onto the ground and disappeared after we took one photo.
wpe1.jpg (35625 bytes) wpe5.jpg (49858 bytes)
We saw this beautiful leaf beetle a only few times. Early summer in Karawatha Forest we found it hiding on a large gum tree under loose bark. 
wpe7.jpg (39397 bytes) wpeE.jpg (27977 bytes) wpe9.jpg (42568 bytes)
When we came close to take those pictures, it drop onto the ground. We try to picked it up, it slowly walked on our hand and flied away.
DSC_1042.jpg (242736 bytes) DSC_1043.jpg (304411 bytes)
On Feb 2011, we found this leaf beetle hiding under loose bark in Ford Road Conservation Area.

Walking up onto the tree top 

DSC_9313.jpg (307447 bytes) DSC_9323.jpg (267655 bytes) DSC_9327.jpg (314098 bytes)
On Boxing day 2010 in Yimbin Park, we saw a Eight Spotted Leaf beetle walking up on a large gum tree trunk. We came to have a closer look but the beetle drop on to the leaf of Monkey-rope plant near the tree base. it sit on a leaf. It kept all its leg and antenna close under its wing cover and did not move a bit. 
DSC_9330.jpg (294326 bytes) DSC_9340.jpg (340165 bytes) DSC_9345.jpg (291071 bytes)
We waited for about 15 minutes. The beetle might believe the danger had gone and started to move. It walked across leaves and stems of the Monkey-rope and moved towards to the tree trunk.  
DSC_9347.jpg (328418 bytes) DSC_9349.jpg (325103 bytes) DSC_9360.jpg (222865 bytes)
It climbed back onto the tree trunk and continuous its journey up onto the tree top.  
We thought this species is Paropsisterna beata. Chris Reid sent us email and advised that it should be the P. sexpustulata. This species complex contains 5 species.

Thank to Chris Reid for the identification of this leaf beetle.

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