Grey-legged Slender Fly
Orange Slender Fly
Orange-legged Slender Fly
Line-legged Slender Fly
Brown-legged Slender Fly
Black-legged Slender Fly
Wasp-mimic Robber Fly I
Wasp-mimic Robber Fly II
Zebra Robber Fly I
Zebra Robber Fly II 


Unknown - Unidentified Robber Fly

Family Asilidae

Please advise by email if you known the ID of the following species.
Unknown Brown Hairy Robber Fly
SCN_0059a.jpg (227086 bytes) SCN_0059b.jpg (241002 bytes)
? sp., body length 25mm 
Unknown Orange-brown Robber Fly
DSC_6749.jpg (294224 bytes) DSC_6753.jpg (284217 bytes) DSC_6753a.jpg (262100 bytes)
? Neodioctria sp., ? Stenopogoninae, body length 10mm
Unknown Banded Robber Fly
DSC_1080.jpg (221033 bytes) DSC_1082.jpg (224103 bytes)
? sp., body length 20mm 

Family Therevidae - Stiletto-fly

Band-winged Stiletto-fly
DSC_1688.jpg (236602 bytes) DSC_1690.jpg (297163 bytes) DSC_1693.jpg (222803 bytes)
Acupalpa or Pipinnipons sp., body length 10mm
Saw this Band-winged Stiletto-fly once in the Reserved Ares near Tingalpa Resovior on Nov 2009. This is a small fly with black body and wings banded with black and golden-orange colours.
1. The Australasian Therevidae - Drs Shaun Winterton, Jeff Skevington and Chris Lambkin, 2005.
2. Revision of the stiletto fly genera Acupalpa Kröber and Pipinnipons Winterton (Diptera, Therevidae, Agapophytinae) using cybertaxonomic methods, with a key to Australasian genera - Shaun L. Winterton, Zookeys. 2011; (95): 29–79.
Published online 2011 May 4. 

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