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Orange-legged Slender Fly
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Subfamily Laphriinae - Black Robber Flies

Family Asilidae

This page contains pictures and information about Black Robber Flies in Subfamily Laphriinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Robber flies in this subfamily Laphriinae usually black in colour. They have the wing vein R2+3 ending on R1, i.e. marginal cell closed. Their antenna is three segmented and without terminal style. Some of them are shiny metallic colour and some with reddish legs. They often have darken but not patterned wings.
DSC_2742.jpg (313148 bytes)
Robber Flies in subfamily Laphriinae can be recognized by the following characteristics;
- antenna is three segmented and without terminal style,
- often have darken but not patterned wings,
- wings marginal cell closed and petiolate, 
- abdomen is somewhat flattened and subparallel,
- long and strong bristles near wing base, 

Tribe Laphriini - Black Rubber Flies

The antennae are three segments at the apex.
Black-legged Black Rubber Fly
DSC_3008.jpg (275357 bytes) DSC_2742.jpg (184733 bytes) DSC_2742h.jpg (281181 bytes)
Laphria maura, body length 15mm
The Robber Fly is shiny black in colour with all legs in black and whitish hairs on head. Wings are blackish. There are whites spots at side of abdomen. More information can be found in this page.
Brown Black Robber Fly
DSCN6977.jpg (180018 bytes) DSCN6979.jpg (309481 bytes)
? Laphria reginae, body length 20mm
This Robber Fly likes to rest on the floor of footpath. We saw many of them in the rainforest near Mt Nebo. The Robber Fly in the above photos had just captured a small black wasp. Please check this page for more information.
Orange-legged Black Robber Fly
PC9_2083.jpg (251005 bytes) DSC_8066.jpg (341314 bytes) DSC_8069a.jpg (263027 bytes)
Laphria rufifemorata, body length 20mm, male, female
The Rubber Fly is black in colour with femur partly orange-yellow and tibiae wholly black. Abdomen has lateral white spots. Please check this page for more information.

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