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Red Robber Fly - Colepia rufiventris

Family Asilidae

This page contains pictures and information about Red Robber Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 25mm, female
The Robber Fly is reddish in colour. All legs are reddish brown with hind tibia in yellow. On the mid tarsus long anterior bristles near apex of each segment are absent, giving tarsus an asymmetrical bristle arrangement. 
DSC_0674.jpg (300231 bytes) DSC_0675.jpg (257985 bytes) PWC_8291.jpg (91588 bytes)
This Red Robber Fly is common in Brisbane bushlands. 
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Robber Flies in the above pictures show the fly captured a Weevil Beetle. As usual, the Robber Fly attacked from the back side of the prey.
DSC_0636w.jpg (299086 bytes) DSC_0635t.jpg (366184 bytes) DSC_0675t.jpg (149652 bytes)
This is a large size Robber Fly.
DSC_0632.jpg (349370 bytes) DSC_0631.jpg (330738 bytes) DSC_0635.jpg (399454 bytes)
The Robber Fly in above pictures seem laying eggs on rotten tree trunk. Not much is known about the larval habitats.  
DSC_0636.jpg (381311 bytes) DSC_0638.jpg (439058 bytes) DSC_0639.jpg (335844 bytes)
In general, female robber flies deposit creamy colour eggs on plants or in gaps within soil, bark, or wood. Most species lay eggs in masses and are covered with protective coating. Robber fly larvae live in the soil or in rotting wood. Larvae are either predatory or parasitic, they feed on eggs, larvae and other soft-bodied insects. 
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