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She-Oak Moth Caterpillar - Pernattia pusilla

FAMILY Lasiocampidae 

This page contains pictures and information about She-Oak Moth Caterpillars that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 30mm 
The caterpillar has large head with black and white hair. The body is brown in colour with two small red knobs on the back of each segment. There are the black tuft of hairs on the back of abdominal segments one and seven. It feeds on various species of She-Oak (Casuarina) including Australian Pine. 
wpe1E.jpg (28885 bytes) wpe20.jpg (28967 bytes)
The caterpillar pupates in a cocoon among the host plant leaves. Both female and male are brown in colour, although look very different.
DSCN3261.jpg (230266 bytes) DSCN3262.jpg (235024 bytes)
DSCN8792.JPG (80241 bytes)
Found this cocoon on She-oak on may 2005, but not sure if this is the She-Oak Moth cocoon.
DSC_8838.jpg (250405 bytes) DSC_8839.jpg (268224 bytes)

1. Pernattia pusilla (Donovan, 1805) - Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley, 2009. 
2. Moths of Australia - I. F. B. Common, Melbourne University Press, 1990, p389.

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