Green Leioproctus Bee
Golden Tail Hairless Bee

Masked Bee, Black Hairless Bee - Palaerhiza parallela

Family Colletidae, Hylaeine

This page contains pictures and information about Masked Bees that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. They are also known as Leaf-faced Bees and Black Hairless Bees.
Body length 15mm
The bee is black in colour, with yellow pattern on its thorax which is a common pattern on bees in Subfamily Hylaeine. This bee nests in stem, includes the flower stalks of the grass tree (Xanthorrhoea).
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The bees are hairless. They carry pollen in their stomachs. 
DSC_8586.jpg (264921 bytes)
We saw this bee once in Yimbun Park Brisbane on OCT 2007. It seems was sucking some kind of honey dew on a leaf.

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