Green Leioproctus Bee
Golden Tail Hairless Bee

Green and Gold Nomia Bee - Lipotriches australica (Nomia australica)

Family Halictidae, Nomiinae 

This page contains pictures and information about Green and Gold Nomia Bees that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
Body length 10mm, female
The bees have golden yellow bands on their abdomen. On their head there are the large brown compound eyes, long antenna and golden yellow face.
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In summer late afternoon 2004, we found a cluster of bees resting on a tall grass in a bushland near Alexandra Hill. We believed they are the males clustered together on glass stem for the night.
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Male                                                                    Female 
1st and 3rd sub-marginal cells equal in length, with much shorter 2nd sub-marginal cell..

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Found another cluster on May 2010. It was just before sunset in Wishart near the Bulimba Creek. 
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Those resting on grass stem are males. Males are less hairy than females for they do not need to carry pollen for the young. 

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Females nest in ground, or less often, in rotting wood. Males do not nest but cluster together at night.
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Pictures were taken on Feb 2011 in Botanic Garden. The bee was gathering pollen among different flowers.
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