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Trevor Jinks' Page - Insects and Spiders in Gold Coast

Trevor Jinks sent us many beautiful Insects and Spiders pictures. We put those pictures in this and other page. Trevor was living in Gold Coast and is now living in North Burnett
Wasp mimic, hoverfly or beefly?
wpe45.jpg (16609 bytes)  wpe47.jpg (19637 bytes)
These little guys have been hanging around near my front door on the Gold Coast working through the flowers. They are very small, about half the size of the black banded hoverfly which is also around in numbers at the moment. The abdomen almost appears to be on a ball and socket joint and they drop it down when they come to rest. Can you ID it for me. Feel free to use the pictures if you want for your web site. The second picture is a Jade plant flower.
(They are Hoverflies.) 
10 June, 2008
Bug ID Help if you can please
what1[1].jpg (44813 bytes)  what2[1].jpg (40549 bytes)
I came across this weird guy walking around the edge of a mud puddle in my driveway. It moved with a rocking motion and was about 8mm long. If you can ID this it would be much appreciated. I thought perhaps it may be a nymph stage of some kind of hopper?
(It is Flatid Planthopper nymph.) 
24 May, 2008 
Spider or something else. ID challenge
lunch1[1].jpg (48983 bytes)  ah-kerk-argahghah[1].jpg (92823 bytes)
Hope you don't mind me calling upon your knowledge like this but I am wondering if you can possibly identify what critter this Silver Eye is feeding to her young. I thought perhaps a tent spider of some sort but can't find anything with the colouration, assuming that it is a spider of course. Sorry the quality of the photo is not that great but I hope it is enough for you to ID it for me. 
20 March, 2008
(It is the St Andrew's Cross Spider.) 
Attached is the full frame resized and cleaned up a bit. Glad you find my pictures useful. Thanks for the ID, the image wpe4.jpg on that page looks almost identical to the markings on this poor snack. 
21 March, 2008
Can you ID this butterfly
TJ01.jpg (117425 bytes)  TJ02.jpg (94604 bytes)
Today I photographed these butterflies in mating position. When I saw them in flight and when they first came to rest I thought they were Common Crow but I am unsure as to the actual ID given the strong orange colour on the underside of the wings. Do you know which species they are? 
15 March, 2008 
(They are the Swamp Tiger.) 
Garden Orb Weaver Pattern
gowpattern[1].jpg (61744 bytes)
Thank you for your invaluable resource page on Brisbane Spiders and Insects. I photographed this Garden Orb Weaver outside my front door and thought you may like the picture to add to your page on patterns as this highly defined single stripe appears a bit different to anything shown.
Gold Coast near Beenleigh, 12 March, 2008
Fly Species
TJ0.jpg (30263 bytes) normal_zoom%2520fly[1].jpg (21806 bytes) 
Hi, I am wondering if you know the species of fly in the attached pic. They appear to be the same family even though one was brown tones and the other blue. They are both about 6-7mm long and are very unconcerned with cameras being very close.
Gold Coast, 13 April, 2007
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