Lygaeidea & Pyrrhocoroidea

Ant-mimicking Seed Bug I
Ant-mimicking Seed Bug II
Brown Seed Bug
Black and White Seed Bug 

Seed Bugs and Cotton Stainers - Superfamily LYGAEOIDEA and PYRRHOCOROIDEA

Order Hemiptera

This page contains pictures and information about Bugs in Superfamily LYGAEOIDEA and PYRRHOCOROIDEA that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Superfamily LYGAEOIDEA, PYRRHOCOROIDEA and also COREOIDEA are closely related and the limits between them are not yet well defined. Bugs in LYGAEOIDEA and PYRRHOCOROIDEA are usually bright red or yellow while COREOIDEA are usually brown in colours. LYGAEOIDEA and PYRRHOCOROIDEA are put in the same superfamily in some references.  
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Lygaeid Bug                                                                Pyrrhocorid Bug                                                         Coreid Bug
Bugs in LYGAEOIDEA and PYRRHOCOROIDEA can be distinguished from the Coreid Bugs by their forewings which have less dense longitudinal parallel veins. There are at most five of those veins. Most of the bud in this two groups feed on seeds or plant sap.  

Superfamily LYGAEOIDEA

Family Rhyparochromidae - Seed Bugs
Family Lygaeidae, Ischnorhynchinae, Lygaeinae - Seed Bugs, Milkweed Bugs, Chinch Bugs
Family Geocoridae - Big-eyed Bugs
Family Oxycarenidae - Coon Bugs
Family Pachygronthidae - Pachy Bugs


Family Largidae - Largid Bugs
Family Pyrrhocoridae - Cotton Stainers

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