Sawflies - Subfamily Philomastiginae 

Family Pergidae

This page contains pictures and information about Sawflies in subfamily Philomastiginae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Females of Philomastiginae stand guard over eggs and young larvae. They buzz their wings and stridulate when disturbed. Philomastix sp. larvae have two "tails".

Bramble Sawfly, Red Ash Sawfly
wpe1E.jpg (31592 bytes)  wpe1C.jpg (49142 bytes)
Philomastix xanthophilus, adult body length 12mm, larva 20mm
We found this group of sawfly larvae in early winter. They are pale green in colour. Their head is pale orange in colour. There are two tails at the end of their abdomen. On the stem of the same plant, we found two adult sawflies. We believed they are the larvae's parents, although we was not sure if they are one male one female or both females. The adults were pale brown in colour with long antenna. More information and pictures please click here.

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