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Stalk-eyed Bugs - Genus Scopiastes

Family Lygaeidae

This page contains pictures and information about Stalk-eyed Bugs in Genus Scopiastes that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 

The Genus Scopiastes has eyes on stalk so we commonly call those bugs Stalk-eyed Bugs. They have strongly punctuate pronotum. Their body is narrow and elongate with parallel sides. 

Yellow Stalk-eyed Bug
PWC_7358T.jpg (138833 bytes) DSC_0118.jpg (179329 bytes) 
Scopiastes bicolor, body length 8mm
This medium size bug runs fast when disturbed. It is black with yellow to bright orange-red background colour. The centre of head is black in colour. Its ocelli slightly closer to each other than to eyes. Antennae and legs are black in colour. Please check this page for more information.
Wild Tobacco Stalk-eyed Bug
DSC_8234.jpg (102739 bytes) DSC_0418.jpg (133800 bytes) DSC_0423.jpg (174252 bytes) 
Scopiastes impeditus, body length 6mm
This small bug runs fast when disturbed. It is black with orange-red background colour. This bug can be found easily on Wild Tobacco Solanum mauritianum. Please click here for more pictures and information.
Red Stalk-eyed Bug
DSCN0900.JPG (75304 bytes) wpe12.jpg (21937 bytes)
Scopiastes melampus, body length 8mm
This small bug runs fast when disturbed. It is black on red background colour. Please check this page for details.

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