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Darth Maul Bug - Spilostethus hospes  

Family Lygaeidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Darth Maul Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 10mm
Yes, we know this is the Large Milkweed Bug. We like to call it Darth Maul Bug.
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Adult                                                                        Last instars                                                                Young instars  
This Large Milkweed Bugs are red in colour, with black pattern. Obviously this is the warning colour pattern to the predators. Their antennae and legs are black in colour. This species is common in Brisbane wherever there is the Milkweed plants. 
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We found different red bug species on the Milkweed plants. This Large Milkweed bug, with black patterns on orange colour, is large in size. Those different bug species just stay together peacefully sucking the juice from the Milkweed plant and seeds. 
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The bug feeds on the Milkweed seed. Notice in the 1st picture above, a bug with its sucking mouths (stylets) inserted into the seed. They are specialise on seed feeding, using their sharp proboscis to pierce the hard seed coat and suck the nutritious sap from the inner tissues.
DSCN1474.jpg (192586 bytes) DSCN1477.jpg (181152 bytes) DSCN1479.jpg (183811 bytes)
The red and black patterns on their back is a warning to the would-be predators that they are toxic. However, the patterns on their back can be vary quite a bit in different individuals.
DSCN1468.JPG (68091 bytes) DSCN1473.JPG (110519 bytes) DSCN1476.JPG (93611 bytes)
All insects we found feeding on Milkweed plants have some sort of warning patterns. They included the Wanderer Butterflies and the Milkweed Aphids.
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Milkweeds include Red-headed Cotton Bush (Asclepias currasavica) and Swan Plant (Asclepias fruiticosa and Asclepias physocarpa). We have more pictures and information of those host plants in the Wanderer Butterfly and Australian Crow Butterfly pages.     
DSC_3365.jpg (199904 bytes) P1000332.jpg (147572 bytes)
The nymphs are bright red shiny black in colours. Different nymphal stages can be found on host plants during mid summer.  

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