Symmomus Skipper - Trapezites symmomus


This page contains information and pictures about Symmomus Skipper Butterflies in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. The butterfly also known as Symmomus Rush-skipper and Splendid Ochre

Body length 25mm 
We usually found this large skipper butterfly resting on leaf. It only flied away when we came very close, within a few centimeters away. They fly rapidly and usually close to the ground. This skipper butterfly is common in Brisbane bushes.
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Besides those large Flat Skippers, this is the largest skipper butterfly that we ever seen. The butterfly is orange brown in colour with yellow spots on top side of wings. There are the white dots on the bottom side of wings. Male and female look almost the same except female is a bit larger. Notice in the above 3rd picture their is a leafhopper sit next to the butterfly.
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When rest, its wings fold on its back as most other butterflies, although we had seen this butterfly rest with wings fully open. 
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The Caterpillar Foot Plant

Spiny-headed Mat-rush
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Lomandra longifolia, family Xanthorrhoeaceae  
Their caterpillars are smooth and pale brown in colour, grow up to 40mm. They feed on Spiny-headed Mat-rush. Caterpillars construct shelters at  the food plant by joining several leaves together to form a tight, silk lined structure.

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