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Long-palped Crane Fly - Family Limoniidae

Order Diptera 

This page contains pictures and information about Long-palped Crane Flies in Family Limoniidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

This is a large family. Their wing veins r-m joining R4+5 or R5 beyond the fork of Rs. Cu straight and not angular at m-cu. When rest, the fly usually hold their wings tight one on each other on back. 
PC9_1620.jpg (110502 bytes)
Their larvae are aquatic or semi-aquatic. There is not much known about their life cycle and biology.
The family Limoniidae is very close related with Tipulidae and sometimes put under Tipulidae as subfamily Limoniinae

Spider Web Crane Fly
DSC_4653.jpg (180218 bytes) DSC_0504h.jpg (192691 bytes) DSC_4654.jpg (90946 bytes)
? Hexatoma (Eriocera) sp., LIMNOPHILINAE, LIMNOPHILINI body length 25mm
Sometimes we see a group of Crane Flies resting on the tangled web of Comb-footed Spider. Obviously, they are not captured by the spider web for they can fly away freely. They seem just rest on there to gain protection from the spider web. For more information and pictures please visit this page.
Grey Long-palped Crane Fly
DSC_0153.jpg (233352 bytes) DSC_0153w.jpg (136141 bytes)
? sp., body length 15mm,  LIMNOPHILINAE, LIMNOPHILINI body length 15mm
Banded-wing Long-palped Crane Fly
wpeF.jpg (18061 bytes) DSCN1427.jpg (92008 bytes)
Gynoplistia sp., LIMNOPHILINAE, LIMNOPHILINIbody length 16mm
Picture was taken near Yugarapul Park in mid summer. 
1. A field guide to insects in Australia - By Paul Zborowski and Ross Storey, Reed New Holland, 1996, p137. 
Mottled-wing Long-palped Crane Fly I
DSC_3546.jpg (242396 bytes) DSC_3546w.jpg (194507 bytes)
? Conosia sp., LIMNOPHILINAE, LIMNOPHILINI, body length 20mm
Mottled-wing Long-palped Crane Fly II
DSC_5502.jpg (266261 bytes) DSC_5502w.jpg (105789 bytes)
? Limonia sp., LIMONIINAE, LIMONIINI, body length 20mm

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4. Phylogeny of the Limnophilinae (Limoniidae) and early evolution of the Tipulomorpha (Diptera) - Guilherme Cunha Ribeiro, 2008, Invertebrate Systematics 22(6) 627694.  

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