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Fallen Bark Looper - Gastrophora henricaria

Family Geometridae

This page contains information about Fallen Bark Lopper Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Female wingspan 60mm
The Fallen Bark Lopper caterpillars feed on gum tree leaves. On Feb 2004, we found the caterpillar on gum tree trunk near the ground in Wishart bushland during late summer. The caterpillar was brown in colour, hiding among the fallen barks and resembled one of them. 
DSCN2505.jpg (324686 bytes) wpe22.jpg (40037 bytes) DSCN2503.jpg (319342 bytes) 
Caterpillar 60mm
From reference infromation the caterpillar feeds on Eucalyptus and Lophostemon.
wpe1.jpg (27950 bytes)
We took the caterpillar home.  A day later the caterpillar turned into a pupa. It pupated at a bottom corner of the container. We waited to see what the moth would be. We waited.... and waited.....
wpeA.jpg (47950 bytes) DSCN8531.jpg (442574 bytes)
Over a year later on Apr 2005, we  finally saw the moth. It was in the morning, the moth must have came out during the night. 
The moth was a male with bipectinate antennae. . It was pale brown in colour, with a black line across both forewings. There are some black dots on both side of the line. The hind wings are yellow-orange and black in colours. covered by forewings when rest. Underneath each forewing has a dark blotch on pale orange..
We took a few pictures and let go the moth from our back yard.

DSC_3167.jpg (373574 bytes) DSC_3169.jpg (403715 bytes) DSC_3170.jpg (269116 bytes)
We found the female in Eucalypt forest a few times. They were found resting on tree trunk or on dry leaves.
DSC_3172.jpg (361784 bytes) DSC_3174.jpg (231294 bytes) DSC_3175.jpg (365100 bytes)
The moth has the stout-body and greyish-brown in colours. There are the black dots and lines patterns on bright yellow colour on hind wings, covered by forewings when rest. 
DSC_3179.jpg (323019 bytes) DSC_3181.jpg (357700 bytes) DSC_3182.jpg (325280 bytes)
DSC_3183.jpg (343819 bytes) DSC_7600.jpg (255908 bytes) DSC_7603.jpg (289970 bytes)
DSC_7605.jpg (296256 bytes) DSC_7607.jpg (331525 bytes) DSC_7610.jpg (319998 bytes)

1. Gastrophora henricaria Guenee, 1857 - Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley, 2008.  
2. Moths of Australia - I. F. B. Common, Melbourne University Press, 1990, p368, Pl.10.2, 26.12.

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