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Double-brush Jumper - Sandalodes bipenicillatus


This page contains pictures and information about Double-brush Jumping Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Male, body length 10mm
We usually found this Double-brush Jumping Spider on wattle or she-oak leaves and stems . They are also found hunting on Bottle-bush. They have the very long and strong front legs. 
The Double-brush Jumping Spider, males and female look quite different. Males' front pair eyes are large and with eyebrow - the double brushes. Both male and female are large jumping spider with body colour dark-brown to black. There are the white patterns on body, they very between individuals. 


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The male's abdomen has two pairs of white spots on the sides. The white markings on this spider are distinctive. 
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This spider is common in eucalypt forests in Brisbane. The spider in pictures above was feeding on a White Crab Spider.
wpeA.jpg (29621 bytes) wpeC.jpg (20857 bytes) DSC_3360.jpg (123497 bytes)
Male spiders likes to hide on thin stems and leaves of wattle waiting for preys. It usually stretches front legs forwards make its slender body invisible on the other side of the stem.
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DSC_0935.jpg (92729 bytes)  DSC_0936.jpg (71487 bytes)
DSC_0931.jpg (60940 bytes)  DSC_0930.jpg (66282 bytes) DSC_4899.jpg (170793 bytes)
Above pictures show the spider just captured a Yellow Spot Epicoma Moth Epicoma protrahens.


DSC_1925.jpg (134984 bytes) DSC_1928.jpg (162595 bytes) DSC_1923.jpg (143874 bytes)
The Double-brush Jumping Spider, males  and female look quite different. 
DSC_1922.jpg (144390 bytes) DSC_3704.jpg (85259 bytes) DSC_3702.jpg (250935 bytes)
They are found most hunting on She-oak and Wattle, although sometimes found on gum trees trunk as well. 
 DSC_1004.jpg (172270 bytes) DSC_1019.jpg (210575 bytes) DSC_1021.jpg (171170 bytes)
On Nov 2009, when we checking a retreat of Leaf Rolling Spider, we found that it was occupied by a Double-brush Jumping Spider. It was a matured female with large abdomen.  

Young female

DSC_5873.jpg (75598 bytes)
Body length 6mm 
We found this jumping spider once on a Black She-oak in Karawatha Forest during early winter. From the pattern and the shape of the thorax, we believe it is a female.
DSC_1097.jpg (88180 bytes) DSC_1101.jpg (83007 bytes) DSC_1108.jpg (51070 bytes)
We noticed that its abdomen pattern is when young, changes towards female's pattern  when growing up.
DSC_1105.jpg (69389 bytes) DSC_1106.jpg (70067 bytes)
The 2nd time we found this spider was Dec 2007 on a River She-oak in Karawatha Forest. 
PWC_8608.jpg (113101 bytes) PWC_8607.jpg (112767 bytes)
The 3rd time also find it on She-oak Jan 2008.

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