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Handsome Macrotona Grasshopper - Macrotona mjoebergi

Family Acrididae

This page contains pictures and information about the Handsome Macrotona Grasshoppers that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.  

Female laying eggs, body length 30mm
The Handsome Macrotona Grasshoppers are black in colour with white strips from head to wing tip. Its abdomen is reddish-yellow in colour. The grasshoppers rest on eucalyptus forest floor, when we walk across, they jump and flies a few meters away and hide within plant materials on ground. Both male and female are fully winged. Their antennae are relatively short, with flattened tip.
wpeF.jpg (29139 bytes) wpeF.jpg (38445 bytes) wpe1B.jpg (57616 bytes)
The Handsome Macrotona Grasshopper can be found in eucalyptus forest associated with Spinifex grass Triodia. The above pictures are taken in Alexandra Hill Conservation Area. near Coolnwynpin Creek.
wpe12.jpg (29775 bytes) wpe17.jpg (46193 bytes)
Some of their adults have dark grey hind legs while some others have bright reddish-yellow hind legs. However, their head and wings colour are the same.  
DSC_2380.jpg (179470 bytes) DSC_2385.jpg (167618 bytes)
In late summer Feb 2008, we saw a female laying eggs on a sandy footpath in Karawatha Forest. 
PC9_0263.jpg (158664 bytes) PC9_0274.jpg (146225 bytes) PC9_0271.jpg (148269 bytes)
Feb 2009 in Ford Road Conservation Area.  
DSC_1897.jpg (284586 bytes) DSC_2872.jpg (320690 bytes) DSC_3713.jpg (318056 bytes)
DSC_4451.jpg (262978 bytes) DSC_4576.jpg (254062 bytes) DSC_5224.jpg (297692 bytes)
PC9_0236.jpg (292145 bytes) DSCN3721.jpg (196182 bytes)

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