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Scarlet Percher Dragonfly - Diplacodes haematodes


This page contains information and pictures about Scarlet Percher Dragonflies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
Male, Body length 35mm
The mature male Scarlet Percher has the red eyes, red face, red thorax and red abdomen. There are no markings on their abdomen. There are also the reddish suffusions on the wing bases. 
wpe6.jpg (32274 bytes) 
Female. body length 35mm
This female dragonfly look different form the male. It is pale yellow in colour with black patterns on abdomen. There are the smoky yellowish-brown areas near the tip of wings. This is a good example of the sexual dimorphism among dragonflies.  
DSC_5306.jpg (58842 bytes)
They are common in Brisbane, can be found on all type of fresh water habitats, but more abundant in fast running rocky creeks.  
wpe23.jpg (38145 bytes)  DSC_5261.jpg (120918 bytes)
This dragonfly likes to perch on creek stone or sand bed, as most other dragonflies will not do.
  DSC_5288.jpg (157337 bytes)
There is another small red dragonfly common in Brisbane, the Wandering Percher, may be confused with them. 
wpeD.jpg (26688 bytes)  
They lay eggs in tandem, the female dips her end of abdomen into the water quickly.
wpeF.jpg (43352 bytes)
Photo : Travis Hargreaves, Perth
Scarlet Percher is common in Brisbane, Queensland. Our visitor Travis Hargreaves sent us the about picture and told us that the dragonfly can also be found in Perth, West Australia. It was photographed in bushland near Helena Valley East of Perth, early December.
Male Scarlet Percher Dragonfly wings
OM010412.jpg (193963 bytes) DSC_4745.jpg (155930 bytes)

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3. The Complete Field Guide to Dragonflies of Australia - CSIRO, GŁnther Theischinger and John Hawking, 2006, p276. 

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Last updated: May 18, 2013.