Coreid Bugs
Wingless Coreid

Horned Coreid Bug - Cletus sp.

Family Coreidae, tribe Gonocerini

This page contains pictures and information about Horned Coreid Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 12mm
We found a few of them actively flying around near the water edge of a lagoon in Karawatha Forest during later summer Feb 2008. The bugs were horned at the shoulder and orange brown in colour. 
DSC_2875.jpg (50046 bytes) DSC_3035.jpg (88990 bytes)
The bugs were actively flying from one plant to another plants near the water edge of the lagoon.
DSC_3056.jpg (140129 bytes) DSC_3066.jpg (200638 bytes) DSC_3059.jpg (119993 bytes)
We saw this bug a few time there and not the other place.
DSC_2242.jpg (230488 bytes) DSC_2255.jpg (255656 bytes) DSC_2248.jpg (278487 bytes)
On Mar 2011 in Carbrook Wetland, we found three Horned Coreid Bugs. Two were mating and one feeding on white flowers.
DSC_2257.jpg (249123 bytes) DSC_2250.jpg (269436 bytes) DSC_2246.jpg (275488 bytes)

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