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Clanger - Psaltoda claripennis

Family Cicadidae

This page contains pictures and information about Clanger Cicadas that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. They are also known as Clear Wing Cicada.
Body length male 30mm, female 25mm 
This cicada is common in Brisbane, including bushlands, backyards and gardens. They tend to rest on branches of medium-sized trees where is not too high. They are usually in group and are easily be seen. 
wpe10.jpg (20034 bytes) 
This is a medium size Cicada. It has the colour patterns of green on brown and dark brown to black. Its eyes is pale red to reddish-brown in colour. Its wings are clear with green vein. Male and female look similar except the female is a bit smaller in size. We sometimes find them in Wishart Bushlands. 
PWC_8335.jpg (88762 bytes) PWC_8334.jpg (94467 bytes) PWC_8337.jpg (95539 bytes)
In Karawatha Forest mid summer Dec 2008, we found this couple sitting about 2 meters from ground, one was singing. They stop singing when we taking photos. Both flied away when we came too close, about 0.5 meter. They were strong flier.
wpe1.jpg (26957 bytes) wpe7.jpg (23852 bytes)
In mid summer 2005, we found this cicada hiding under leaves during the day in Karawatha Forest.
PWC_8029.jpg (86318 bytes) PWC_8030.jpg (112827 bytes)
Daisy Hill Dec 2008. 
The Clanger can be found resting on stems or leaves. They are seldom found resting on main tree trunk. Their song is the loud rapid rattling and clanging sound. 
PWC_8224.jpg (70775 bytes) PWC_8222.jpg (77054 bytes)
This bad luck Clanger was found on spider web, Dec 2007 Karawatha Forest. 
DSC_9257.jpg (263389 bytes) DSC_9256.jpg (274543 bytes) DSC_9255.jpg (339584 bytes)
Yimbin Park Dec 2010.
DSC_9284.jpg (271392 bytes) DSC_9276.jpg (323130 bytes) DSC_9254.jpg (316477 bytes)
Yimbin Park Dec 2010.

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