Fuscous Swallowtail Butterfly - Papilio fuscus


This page contains information and pictures about Fuscous Swallowtail Butterflies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. They also commonly known as Northern Citrus Butterfly or Canopus Butterfly
Wing span 140mm 
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We saw this Fuscous Swallowtail in Botanic Garden on Feb 2010. It was laying eggs on the Citrus plants. It suddenly appeared, landed on different plants, flied away after we took a few photos. It laid eggs on the new shots of those plants.  
The butterfly is easily mistaken as Orchard Swallowtail but can be distinguished by its "tail". Their caterpillars look similar. The Fuscous Swallowtail is less common than the Orchard Swallowtail in Brisbane. We saw them only a few times.
We saw this butterfly on the hill top of Anstead Forest too on Feb 2010, but could not take any photos.

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Last updated: June 20, 2010.