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Blue-greened Long Legged Fly - Austrosciapus proximus

Family Dolichopodidae

This page contains pictures and information about Blue-greened Long-legged Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 5mm, female
This medium size Long-legged Fly is metallic blue-green in colour. Head and body is dusted with dense silvery pruinose. 
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The Long-legged Fly has the wing vein M branched to M1 and M2, M1arc with round right angle bend elbow-shaped to apex. Vein  m-cu is straight. Wings with distinct pale brown markings distinctly joined together across anterior margin of wing. The join of wing band extended to R4+5. Haltere is yellow in colour.
DSC_9995.jpg (191210 bytes) DSC_9997.jpg (216560 bytes) DSCN0514.jpg (132119 bytes)
We found this long Long-legged Fly in our backyard as well as in Karawatha Forest.  

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