Coreid Bugs
Wingless Coreid

Paddy Bug - Leptocorisa acuta 

Family Alydidae

This page contains pictures and information about Paddy Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. They are also known as Rice Bugs

Body length 15mm
We found a few of those bugs along Bulimba Creek in Brisbane during summer season. The bugs are grass-green to pale yellow-brown in colour, with long slender body. They have long antenna, about the same length of their body. 
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Paddy Bugs are common on grasses. Both adults and nymphs feed on grass seeds, rice and other grains. They are also known as Rice Bugs
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They are not active flier, but will fly away if disturbed.
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They are usually found among tall grasses near flesh water.

Adult and nymph

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As other bugs in the Alydidae family, they develop in five nymphal instars stages. They are pale green to green in colours. 

Laying Eggs on Grass Stem

Their eggs are flat, oval and reddish brown, about 1mm in diameter. They are laid in batch of 10 to 20 in one to three rows on grass stem or leaf surface.
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Pictures were taken on Nov 2007. 

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