Leptocoris bugs - Family Rhopalidae

We only found one species in this family.

Red Eyes Bug - Leptocoris mitellata or Leptocoris tagalicus

This page contains pictures and information about the Red Eyes Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm

The bug has bright red eyes and red abdomen. Its thorax and front wing covers are reddish-brown in colour. Its legs and antenna are all on black.
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The bug can be found on different type of plants. They feed on both native plants and cultivated plants, including passion vines, stone fruit trees, tomatoes and other vegetables.
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This bug is common in Brisbane garden and backyards. They suck nap juices from the plants. Usually they do not do noticeable harm to the host plant.
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The bugs also feed on flowers. 
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Those bugs can also be found on the ground. They run fast with their long legs..
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wpe7.jpg (24760 bytes) wpe8.jpg (33440 bytes)
Nymph body length12mm, 15mm
The nymph looks similar to the adult bugs except their wings are not fully developed. We found a number on them, including nymphs and adults, on the Lantana plants during early summer. When disturbed they hide on the other side of the leaf. 
DSC_0123.jpg (126626 bytes) DSC_0124.jpg (95293 bytes)

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