Family Lygaeidae - Seed Bugs, Milkweed Bugs, Chinch Bugs

Bugs on Milkweed plant seedpod 
This family can be distinguished from the Miridae and Coreidae by their forewings which have 4-5 veins and mostly ocelli absent. The front section of their forewings is slightly harden and the back section membranous. Their hind wings are always membranous. They are usually brown to red in colour. Adults are from 4 to 20mm long, with oval shape and flattened body. Their antennae are four segmented. 
Most species feed on plant seeds. Some are predaceous. They sometimes present in great numbers.

Large Milkweed Bug
DSCN1477.JPG (142512 bytes)  wpe1C.jpg (35889 bytes)
Spilostethus hospes,  subfamily Lygaeinae, body length 15mm
The Large Milkweed Bugs are red in colour, with black pattern on wings. This is the warning colour patterns to the predators. Their antennae and legs are all in black colour. They can be found feeding on Milkweed plant seedpods. Details please see the Large Milkweed Bugs page.
Small Milkweed Bug
wpe15.jpg (27393 bytes)  wpe26.jpg (39501 bytes)  
Spilostethus sp., subfamily Lygaeinae, body length 12mm
We found two red bugs on the Milkweed plant. The Large Milkweed bugs, with black patterns on orange colour, larger in size. And this Small Milkweed Bugs, with no pattern on wings and thorax, a bit smaller in size. More information and pictures can be found here.
Red and Black Seed Bug
DSC_8234.jpg (102739 bytes)  wpe12.jpg (21937 bytes)
Scopiastes bicolor, subfamily Lygaeinae, body length 10mm
This small bug runs fast when disturbed. It is black with orange-red background colour. This bug can be found easily on Wild Tobacco Solanum mauritianum. Please click here for more pictures and information.
4-Coloured Bug 
PWC_9225.jpg (108042 bytes)  PWC_9678.jpg (126211 bytes)
? sp. adult body length 16mm 
The bug is colourful, with red head, brown thorax, yellow wing-covers and black wing tips. Its abdomen is bright orange-yellow with red tip. The bug is eye-catching when sitting on green plants. On Jan 2009, we found one in Ford Road Conservation Area, it was wandering around and feeding on food plants. Check this page for more pictures and information.  
Unknown Seed Bug
DSC_9716.jpg (101735 bytes) DSC_9719.jpg (77340 bytes) DSC_9722.jpg (107928 bytes)
? Dieuches sp., body length 15mm, family Lygaeidae, Orsillinae
Pictures taken on early summer Nov 2007 near Bulimba Creek in Sunnybank. 
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2. Lygaeidae: Dieuches notatus (Dallas)   -  seed eating bug - Insect Reference Collection Database. 
Red Eyes Seed Bug
PWC_5987.jpg (187232 bytes) PWC_5989.jpg (159574 bytes)
Geocoris or Germalus sp., body length 5mm, family Lygaeidae, Geocorinae
The bug nymph was found hiding under gum tree bark, in Karawatha Forest Sep 2008. 
1. Insects of Australia, CSIRO, Division of Entomology, Melbourne University Press, 2nd Edition 1991, p500.
2. Terrestrial Invertebrate Status Review (Brisbane City) - Dr John Stanisic, Queensland Museum, 2005, page 61,63.
Unknown Seed Bug
DSC_6191.jpg (226603 bytes) DSC_6184.jpg (225259 bytes) DSC_6188.jpg (247757 bytes)
? sp., body length 5mm 
We found this small seed bug on gum tree trunk on July 2010 in Parkinson Park. 

1. Insects of Australia, CSIRO, Division of Entomology, Melbourne University Press, 2nd Edition 1991, pp 499.
2. LYGAEIDAE - Australian Biological Resources Study, Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, 2002. 

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